The Installation Process

d21492a5938548cb8b6ac66c09a57934Tearing the old roof down to the sheathing. 44f08ae77f87c47c0795cfd7c6a69c67 Cover with peel and stick underlayment for secondary water barrier. 72388c2e902a484dbe156219f5ca9c7f Slot cut for shingle over ridge vent. 97c8962fa81ca7597ba6d408f04d79f8 The finished roof.
Re-nail with 2 3/8″ ring shank nails 6″ O.C. stairstep Stair step GAF timberline lifetime shingles 6 nails / shingle for 130 mph wind rating. c8056e27c55c7b422be32f23c2ce3a99 Installing ridge vent
  We use GAF timberline shingles when installed correctly they have 130 mph wind rating. Owens Corning Duration also available on request.Ask about GAF’s 50 year non-prorated warranty on timberline shingles. We use quality at every step of the way. Click here for tile roofing.