Advantages of Tile

  • Adds value to your home
  • Lots of styles and colors to choose from
  • Longevity up to 40 years
  • Fire resistant
  • More engergy effcient than shingles
  • Rot resistant
  • Wind resistant in excess of 125 mph

The Installation Process

29367e4ee5c08b46c80491a90e62c58e Tear down to sheathing. e17b3c32fc51de44de6cffafa705c1ac Install Boral Tile Seal Premium underlayment. Drip edge is sandwiched between 30 felt and boral. Install galvalume ridge channel. 0e2b1f86b8f01d89e9cb73b679f40a25 Ready for tile. 1c9446760f8255e4af4d2a627c578dae
Building contractor putting the asphalt roofing on a large commercial apartment building development Re-nail with 2 3/8″ ring shank nails 6″ O.C. d4bfb39b279740b115ffb1b5defca036 Wall flashings are placed over underlayment then bulled and covered with another layer of underlayment. 1a96d779383b51a4085ab8af85b31194 Valleys are lined galvalume metal placed over peel and stick underlayment and covered with Boral underlayment. d48088e2e9fe94b0d2bc09f4689f465f
  The most important part of installing a tile roof is the underlayment thats why we recommend Boral Tile Seal. Boral has a 30 year warranty. Valleys and wall flashings are the most common repair areas on tile roofs. We line our valleys with peel and stick underlayment under the valley metal for double protection. Wall flashings are sandwiched between underlayment as well. The details are very important on tile installations. Go here for Metal roofing installation.