4 Things Our Roofers Want You to Know After a Storm

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Our roofers know that we always need to stay on top of things– including the weather. While we are great at roofing, sometimes when it comes to predicting the weather, we aren’t always able to nail it. Here at Aztec Roofs, we have seen our fair share of damage that can occur to roofing after a storm. We want to let you in on a few tips that we hope will help you after a storm:

  1. Stay safe. Your roof is important, but so is your safety. We never suggest that a homeowner or business owner grab a ladder to check out their roof after a storm. Instead, see if you can spot signs of damage like missing shingles, scratches near the roofline or gutters, or fallen tree limbs safely from the ground. If your storm had a lot of hail, get a professional roofer from our team to check the damage from the roof.

4 Things Our Roofers Want You to Know After a Storm

  1. Not all roofing storm damage is readily visible. Hail can damage your roof without a lot of visible signs from the ground. Additionally, wind can loosen or blow off shingles to a point where they no longer provide coverage. This is why we suggest roofing inspections after severe storms.
  2. Consider temporary repairs to mitigate damage. Using tarps or other temporary fixes can help to lessen further damage.
  3. Get your insurance involved. Your insurance company will want to see evidence of the damage, often from a professional roofer. Calling our team to inspect your roof after a storm will help get the ball rolling and make working with your insurance easier.

After the storm has passed, we want to help make things right once more. For more information about storm damage or working with our roofers, please contact us today.